You know that feeling that grabs you when you’re about the get out the door for a two weeks vacation away from home? “Did I forget something?” That’s not the best start for a relaxing holiday, now, is it?

Let me share with you a couple of tips that will make your life easier when packing your bags for any trip.

  1. Use your body as a checklist. To make sure I don’t forget any major clothes category, I use my body as a checklist. Now don’t start getting any funny ideas. I start inventorying my body to make sure I have packed all it needs. You can do that toes to head or in any order. I start with my feet (socks, shoes) and go up (trousers, skirts, panties, belt, t-shirts, blouses, etc), not forgetting the hands (gloves), to my neck (scarf) and head (hat, sunglasses). You get the idea. Visualizing yourself during the trip will automatically help you think of any item that you might need.
  2. Make a list. And if you’re an organizing junkie you can divide it into categories (Clothing, Toiletries, Electronic equipment, Books etc). Not only will you avoid forgetting stuff, you will be able to spot any exaggerations (5 skirts don’t take up so much space but if you see them on your list for a 3 days trip you will start asking yourself if it’s not too much). The bonus is that the list will be very useful when you pack before returning home. It will serve as a checklist for the stuff that you had with you. This way you avoid making unintentional presents to the cleaning personnel of the hotel.
  3. Don’t leave it to the last minute. The last few hours or the night before are really the worst times for packing. If you leave it to the last minute be sure you will either bring to much stuff or forget something. Plan ahead and set yourself up for a relaxing holiday.

Bon voyage!