It was love at first sight. The first time I read about the concept I was conquered. Maybe because it expressed some of the aspirations and convictions that I had deep down inside me but was not able to express.

This is such an amazing, life-changing, revolutionary and yet so simple concept. Unfortunately, we don’t think, talk or meditate about it enough. If I should make a wish for my children’s education it would be this: that they be lifelong learners. This implies so many aspects that are dear to my heart.

For the lifelong learners learning is a way of life. They love to learn and do not dread it as a school imposed activity. Their creativity and spontaneity have not been stifled by institutions. They’re curios, hungry-minded and aren’t afraid to ask questions. They love experimenting and pursue their interests with determination. Most of all, they have found a meaningful purpose for their life and they are passionate about making the world a better place.

I want this for my children (and for all the children in the world) but I also want it for myself (and all the adults in this world). I may not have started quite right but it’s never to late to fall in love with learning.

This is too important to be ignored and left at the charge of others even if they are passionate teachers. You have to take charge of your own education, because you’re the only one who has a real interest in being successful at it. Start today!