I have been invaded by contradictory feelings since I read this morning that Sara has joined her father alongside Jesus. I have known her through her blog for a while now, though not keeping up with it regularly. I remember when I first discovered her, I couldn’t get enough of her posts. It was so wonderful to see joy shine through her life, despite all the reasons she had to abandon joy. It was a tremendous encouragement for me, a complainer by nature and by training.

I no longer want to complain, I no longer want to get upset over the little annoyances of life, I want to be able to choose joy, just as Sara did. And it should not be that hard because my life is not nearly as hard as hers.

Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for living your life connected to the Lord and for sharing the strength and joy that He shared with you. You have taught me so much. My heart and my prayers are with all those that loved you and that miss you.